End of the month review

Good Morning World, I have an end of the month review for ya. Yesterday, I met with the owner of a local bookstore to go over some details for a book signing. The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 20th at Red Rock Books Located at 206 W Ridgecrest Blvd. Ridgecrest CA 93555 (760) 375-3454 This store is absolutely fabulous. I look forward to the event. All three of the Manippy Dippy Tactics books will be available (1st editions.) IMG_20150208_132351

Kindle editions of the books are still unavailable for reformatting.

Due to other obligations MDT4 will not be being released as thought. Release dates  to be announced at a later date.BookCoverPreview (MDT4)

You Can’t Make this Stuff Up is still accepting submissions for short stories.10527547_525914310884778_8704104690550891643_n

Release date for The World Through the Eyes of a Child will be announced shortly.BookCoverPreview

Trenches of San Diego will be released in 2016.BookCoverPreview 1

Well thats about all for now  Hope everyone has a wonderful day



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