Hello Everyone, Welcome to Manippy Dippy Tactics.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Manippy Dippy Tactics.

Thanks for stopping by my blog page during this Blog tour. I have a lot of interesting things going on. First I’d like to introduce myself then I will introduce you to my books I have out now, Then I’d like to introduce you to my upcoming releases, and finally I will be announcing the sequel to my memoirs in the trilogy, First time ever to be  announced to the public.

My name is Tammy Shanks, I was born in Houston, Texas and raised an Army Brat. we traveled to some pretty neat places when I  was a child, When I turned 18 and was no longer a traveling with my father I settled in San Diego where I raise my three sons as a single mom. After my second divorce I returned to school to continue my education in 2003. I have received a general Associates of Arts from a Community College, and transferred into San Diego State University where I received an Interdisciplinary BA., BS;   in Social Work, Sociology and Public Health. I am currently finishing up my Masters Program and will continue to a Doctorates program. I have worked for many years in the Social Services field.  My hobbies are Coloring and I enjoy volunteering for the American Red Cross.

Manippy Dippy Tactics

This book is designed to enlighten, empower and inspire people by showing individuals how manipulation affects their lives and psyche.

This manipulation tactics self help book identifies 60 manipulation tactics, how they are used and then compare them to Maslow’s pyramid to help the reader understand why they’re affected by that particular strategy.

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Manippy Dippy Tactics II

This is the second book in the Manippy Dippy Tactics series. A series of self help books that identifies manipulation and it affects an individual’s life and psyche. This book identifies forty more tactics and delves deeper into mental illnesses and explores how institutions can manipulate an individual.

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Manippy Dippy Tactics III (MDT3) Is designed to Empower, Enlighten and Inspire. MDT3 is the third book in a self help series on manipulation. MDT3 combines all the tactics from MDT1 and MDT2 to empower individuals to show them how manipulation affects a person’s life and psyche. MDT3 also combines all the psychobabble from MDT1 and MDT2 to help enlighten individuals on different types of mental illnesses. And finally to inspire MDT3 includes the best quotes of all times.

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Mom’s recipe box

Was a Christmas present to my mother it is all the recipes we grew up eating, hope you enjoy them as much as we did

https://www.createspace.com/5101427 Mom's Recipe Box BookCoverImage

“The World through the Eyes of a Child” This book is about my adventures as an Army Brat. I moved all over as a child. First, we moved to Panama, and then to Fort Gordon Georgia. Then to Taiwan, we were one of the last American military families to live in Taipei so after 6 months we transferred   to Iwakuni, Japan for three years. After that I moved back to the States where I lived in Texas first in Magnolia and then at Fort Hood. After that we moved to St Lois, Mo. From there I went to San Diego, CA for a few months then it was off to Pusan, Korea. I lived there for a few years then came back to Magnolia TX for six months then to Lagrange TX. And finally back to San Diego, CA where I settled to raise my family. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did.


In 2015 I will be finishing up my memoirs trilogy

The World Through the Eyes of a Child,

And the sequel:

Drum roll please

Announcing For the first time ever  the sequel in my memoirs trilogy

The Trenches of San Diego, The second book in my memoirs trilogy.BookCoverPreview (2)

I made a lot of mistakes in my young adult life.  I own up to all of them in this book. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. Life was hard as a single mom in San Diego. But we survived I think because of my love for my children and my perseverance and determination to succeed.  This is the story of my struggle.

The Trenches of San DiegoBookCoverPreview (2)

So finally, for the third book,  I have not started the third book nor have I or picked a title, so that info is still to come…

Thanks for visiting my Blog hope to see you on Twitter @tammyshanks, Facebook on my page or the Manippy Dippy Tactics community, or here at www.manippydippytactics.wordpress.com  for further information on the progress of the books, book signing,  other events and release dates

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