All three Manippy Dippy Tactics on one page

Manippy Dippy Tactics

Manippy Dippy Tactics is available at all bookstores worldwide through Amazon. or at This book is designed to enlighten, empower and inspire people by showing individuals how manipulation affects their lives and psyche.
This manipulation tactics self help book identifies 60 manipulation tactics, how they are used and then compare them to Maslow’s pyramid to help the reader understand why they’re affected by that particular strategy.Manippy Dippy Tactics photo

Manippy Dippy Tactics II MDT2 is available at this is the second book in the Manippy Dippy Tactics series. A series of self help books that identifies manipulation and how it affects an individual’s life and psyche. This book identifies forty more tactics and delves deeper into mental illnesses and explores how institutions can manipulate an individual.Featured Image -- 126
MDT3 Manippy Dippy Tactics III is the third book in a self help series on manipulation. MDT3 combines all the tactics from MDT1 and MDT2…

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