New update

Thanks to all my new connections. I have fresh ideas for the promotion and marketing of my book series Manippy Dippy Tactics.This book is designed to enlighten, empower and inspire people by showing individuals how manipulation affects their lives and psyche. This manipulation tactics self help book identifies 60 manipulation tactics, how they are used and then compare them to Maslow’s pyramid to help the reader understand why they’re affected by that particular strategy. There will be a lot more promotion in the near future.In addition Manippy Dippy Tactics II is almost finished, I completed a lot of the finalizing of the books content today. Manippy Dippy Tactic II (MDT2) delves deeper into Manipulation and how it controls a person’s life and psyche. This book continues with more manipulation tactics it also focuses on various institutions and continues to explore a variety of mental illnesses.

This is all a wonderful experience and I am enjoying creating these books. I hope everyone will learn from them they are for you.

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